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Save Printing Costs . . .

Publish Your Zoning Ordinance Online

Michigan Township Services will publish the zoning ordinance of your Township, Village, or City through the Internet for only $95.This one time fee covers taking a digital copy of your municipality’s zoning ordinance and posting it to a specially created community web page and includes FREE hosting of that page on the Michigan Township Services website for the initial subscription period.

Consider the benefits to your community…

  • Residents, Property Owners, Contractors, Builders and Developers will have access to your community’s zoning regulations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Your Zoning Ordinance is made available from a web page developed specifically for Your Municipality, and includes information on elected officials, public meeting schedules and community events.

  • Zoning Ordinance Revisions are updated and made immediately available.

Founded in 1976 Michigan Township Services is a public service corporation dedicated to building safety and the protection of property values through the effective administration of codes and ordinances operated for the municipalities we serve.  Long known for furnishing municipalities with Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Code Inspectors, Michigan Township Services expanded its services to include Zoning Administration and Planning Consultation.  It is with same sense of community service that we offer this state of the art publishing service to your municipality.

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